One of the most common questions among fans of online casinos (especially among those new to the game) is the following: are there casino games where you can always win (or almost) and make winnings of great value?

A doubt that pervades the minds of all those who have a passion for virtual casinos and who have not yet gained sufficient experience at the online gaming tables.

The idea that there may be a game or gambling tricks that allow you to make certain winnings at casino games, is fueled by numerous sources on the web. Just do a search on the internet by typing the query: how to always win at online casinos to find numerous sources that pass off as valid the most bogus “foolproof gaming strategies”.

The reality is quite different and the most experienced players know it perfectly well: there is no game, no casino, no strategy or application of tricks that allow you to achieve certain winnings at online casino games.

If you decide to sit down at the blackjack, roulette, or slot machine tables of any online casino, the chance that you will lose your bet is always higher than the probability that you will win.

That said, it is also true that not all games are equal (in terms of the probability of winning) and not all gaming techniques are bogus or totally irrelevant to the outcome of the game.


Again, we must make a premise: the games offered by virtual casinos differ not only in rules and graphics, but also in a very important element called RTP, i.e. Return To Player.

The RTP indicates a percentage – predetermined, certified and made known in the pages of the probability of winning of each operator authorized AAMS – of the total collection generated by a game within a given time frame, which is distributed to players in the form of winnings.

This means that the higher the value, the more the game tends to pay, i.e. the greater the value returned in winnings to players. Be careful, though, because this doesn’t mean that the game with the highest RTP allows for higher odds of making winnings.



The odds in the game of blackjack to make winning combinations at the green table, are among the highest. This game, in fact, has an RTP usually higher than even 99%. It is perhaps the least convenient game for operators, with the smallest margin of the dealer over the player often being less than 1%. It is the game in which the mathematical odds of winning are highest.

It represents, moreover, a great classic of casino games, loved by many fans for its characteristics, among which stand out the fact that:

  • it presents intuitive rules
  • it is simple even for novice players
  • you do not play against an opponent but directly against the bank

All you have to do to win at Blackjack is to make a higher score than the one made by the dealer, approaching and equaling the score of 21. 


The game of Roulette is another great classic among the most beloved of online casino games, not surprisingly known as the “Queen of the Casino”.

Roulette has an RTP on average higher than 97% and even if it cannot be considered a game of skill (the outcome of the game and remitted to which number the ball will decide independently to stop), the player must choose between a wide range of possible bets, of which he knows for each is the actual probability of making a win, both the payout expected in case of winning.

Winning probability and payout vary according to the bet the player decides to make:

  • red/black, 18/37 (about 50% probability of winning) with payout equal to one time the initial stake
  • bet on a single number, probability of winning 1/37, but the payout is 35 times the stake (35:1)



Slot machines are the casino games that have the greatest success among gambling enthusiasts. This success is linked to many factors, the main one being the simplicity of the game: all the player has to do, in fact, is decide the value of the bet, operate the reels and hope to see the symbols appear on the reels that correspond to one of the many winning combinations.

Therefore, these are games where luck plays a major role and little is left to the player’s skill. For this reason, slots do not have a particularly advantageous RTP for players.

The average RTP value is different for each slot machine, here you can find the odds of winning at slot machines. The law requires a value higher than 90%.

Before you start playing slots, our advice is to visit the RTP page for each game (found in all online casinos) and choose to play the slots with the highest RTP.

How to make betting on slots more profitable?

To make betting on slots more profitable, we recommend that you take these steps:

  • choose slots that have low volatility, that is, a high frequency of winnings even if the value of prizes linked to winning combinations is lower
  • choose slot machines characterized by extra features such as free spins
  • choose slots that offer bonus games, thanks to which you can earn additional prizes