Sara Tone


Intergrity in the Roots

 Dear Ones, Thanks so much for finding this Music Page. Especially to the fans, friends and supporters of this music over the last decade!!! Big Love y’all
Currently you may have noticed I’m on a little hiatus, taking a break from touring and local shows. My family, like so many others, has been effected by the declining health of our loved one. Blessed with the opportunity to be present and helpful, for now I’m focusing on family time. Though this has been a tough move, very frustrating at times, it was an easy decision, unquestionable in fact. I am so thankful to get this time with my family. Thank you to all who have sent prayers and love our way, it is felt!!!
As for the Music... I will never stop playing music!!! Not even an option. Coming up on the 3 years since the ‘Good Way’ album release, I have a 9+song album in the works, all unreleased songs, only heard live or in my studio. It is by far the most I have ever felt and sounded like myself, BB King says it takes 15 years before you sound like yourself. I’m feeling that. A genuine, expressive and unique reflection to all my influences- musical, personal, natural, magical and galactic- G4G. On this beautiful planet at this time, there is so much to feed the fires of inspiration... in my heart, to give back through breath, through song, in a good-good way. Which for me means INTEGRITY IN THE ROOTS. So I'm staying home and nurturing the roots, my family, my home and myself. Musically, that is the focus of all these new songs as well. Also the intention in the creation of the album- Super Roots, Locally Homie Produced. Big Love - Hi Vibes Please keep rockin’ and sharing the tunes as you are inspired. And please keep a prayer out for the fruition of this musical offering. Soon I will have my heart ready to serve through sound, for your ear-hearts, beautiful listeners. May you and your families know health and feel Love through all currents of Life. Big Bows
Sara Tone

PS- Keep an ear to my SoundCloud where I’ll be uploading snippets of the upcoming Album. And for my Roots Youth Music & Drum classes happening now in Portland.