Sara Tone

         Roots Youth Mystery Music Movement

With the craving for the 'Village' becoming stronger than ever, I offer this to our extended community. I offer the grown up  Baby Mama Magic Mystery Music School with its new name for this new time, with these kids who are big and growing strong. Roots RYMMM, a Movement of Mystery and Music toward the Roots, back to the Village. Please join me...

Through hand percussion and voice, we will utilize patterns and practices influenced by West African and Brazilian drum techniques. Great skills for kids of all ages, parents too ;)!!!

This physical music not only develops both fine and gross motor skills, logic, math, language, culture and geography. It also has a strong element of building, personal, social and community based skills. Learning to stop and start together is the foundation, listening for cues, counting and feeling the beat, working simple rhythms into complex patterns in the dynamic of a group. This is powerful work and helps us develop strong social skills for working together, working through challenges and making something tangibly beautiful and creative. These are both hemisphere brain gym kind of exercises, and very accessible. This music is not meant to be played alone, in fact it can't be. Please accept this invitation to help bring the village to the community youth and the youth bring the village to YOU!
Sara Tone Education Bio:
I started teaching children in mixed settings, specializing in Music Education in 2006. I worked for Ethos, a Portland based non-profit music school for 5 years teaching 1000's of kids hand-percussion, guitar, voice, songwriting, music theory and intro to world music (lots of Bob Marley!!) I love sharing my joy of music and life with the youth and I have seen its magic work time and time again.
Personal development: I graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with a BA in Humanities- Focus in Cultural Studies, Music for Dance Performance and Taoism in 2002. I started studying hand percussion in college, primarily D'jembe and Dun Dun in the Famoudou Konate tradition from Guinea, West Africa. For the last 2 years I've been in study and performance with Grammy award wining Master Musician Chris Berry. Chris guides a group called the Bana Kuma, where we create original music and dance for the 4 elements. Performed on West African drums, M'bira, Full Marimba, Dance, Strings and Voice, it's a highly powerful experience!! I'll be performing with Bana Kuma at the Project Earth Festival this summer in Minnesota as well as a full original music set with a reggae band from Kauai. When I'm not teaching I spend about 1/3rd of the year touring music between BC and California, Hawai'i to Minnesota and beyond. Music is my life, teaching and performing both are my passion and when they are actively in balance I feel most complete in my offering and receiving. Mahalo <3